Padel Court Installation: Costs and Construction Prices

Geschrieben von Portico 16. April 2024

The popularity of padel is constantly growing worldwide, leading to an increasing demand for quality courts for this sport. If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you’re interested in being part of this trend, so let’s help you discover everything you need to successfully build your own padel court. Portico Sport, as an international leader in the manufacturing and installation of padel courts and canopies, represents quality and excellence throughout the process, along with guaranteed expertise in customer service. Our engineering DNA enables us to be manufacturers offering a complete turnkey solution that combines courts and covers with 100% proprietary design and manufacturing.

Keep reading and turn your dream of owning your own padel court into an exciting reality!

1. Planning and Design:

Ready to take the first step towards your own padel court? Before diving into the installation process, it’s crucial to carry out proper planning and detailed design. This involves considering the available space, local regulations, desired surface type, and other important factors.

Understanding the significance of this initial step, at Portico Sport, we provide specialized consulting services to assist our clients. We guide our clients throughout the entire process, and our team of specialized engineers will design and customize their project to fit their needs and expectations. We accompany our clients throughout the process, ensuring unmatched post-installation service.

2. Material Selection:

Looking for a court that will last for years and deliver optimal performance? It’s important to note that the most common materials used to construct padel courts include concrete, glass, artificial turf, and steel structures.

Choosing the right materials is crucial for the durability and performance of the padel court. That’s why, at Portico Sport, we use premium-quality materials that guarantee weather resistance and adequate traction for an unparalleled gaming experience. Additionally, clients can choose from a variety of options such as artificial turf or glass, and customize all the details of the padel court according to their preferences.

You should also consider that not all padel courts are the same, and there are some specific ones that will help meet all your needs. At Portico Sport, we are pioneers in patented systems such as the mobile court, the elevated platform, or the Force court, the most resilient on the market, all designed and manufactured by specialized engineers, ensuring the highest quality standards. A clear example of a specialized court is our Force court, capable of withstanding winds of up to 80 m/s, making it ideal for areas with adverse weather conditions. Additionally, it features the best materials on the market, making it even more resilient and durable.

3. Construction Costs:

Looking to build your own padel court with total peace of mind and no surprises in costs? As we’ve discussed, the construction costs of a padel court can vary significantly depending on several factors, from the size of the court, location, selected materials, to additional services required, such as lighting or the terrain for installation.

At Portico Sport, we understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer customized and transparent budgets to ensure that clients are aware of all costs involved from the outset, allowing them to plan their investment appropriately.

4. Prices and Maintenance:

Have you thought about long-term maintenance? We can’t overlook mentioning that, in addition to the initial construction costs, long-term maintenance prices of the padel court should also be considered. This may include expenses such as regular cleaning, minor repairs, maintenance of court elements, and periodic renovations.

To ensure that padel courts remain safe and functional, at Portico Sport, we offer comprehensive maintenance services to keep them in perfect condition for years to come.

Before embarking on the exciting adventure of building your own padel court, it’s essential to consider that the price of a padel court can vary depending on all the factors mentioned earlier, such as size, materials used, geographical location, as well as any additional services needed for its installation. Generally, prices can range from €18,000 (Exwork).

With all this information at your disposal, do you feel ready to embark on your padel court construction project successfully? Considering the significant investment involved in installing padel courts, it’s crucial to choose the right partner—one with experience and attention to detail. With Portico Sport, you can be confident that your padel court construction project will be a success, from the initial planning stages to long-term maintenance.

Don’t waste any more time—contact us today to begin your project with Portico Sport and turn your dream of owning a high-quality padel court into a reality!